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So, Arthur is a point man. What this means for him in canon is that he spends his time gathering information on marks. There's no mark for him in space, so instead he'll be gathering information on the other characters.

This is my catch-all post where you can opt in or opt out with certain information and permissions. Basically, I would like you to reply to this post answering these questions:

Is it okay for Arthur to hack your character's encrypted posts?
Gather information on their day to day activities?
What personal information can he know about them?
What would you prefer he not know?

And any additional information you think might be relevant along those lines.

Everything is subjective, of course. Some characters have encryptions Arthur will never be able to hack, and he won't follow everyone forever. This is essentially for my own reference, and it is entirely voluntary. If you don't reply and Arthur takes something of an interest in your character, I will contact you directly with these questions.

You can also reply to this simply with "Opt out", and he won't follow your character at all, to the limits of it being in character .If your character is a major villain, for instance, he may want to gather information on them - but he still won't be able to follow them, or break their encryptions, and will be limited to what unencrypted information that character puts out on the network.

There are also things that will occur in-game where I may have to ask your permission even with this information. But for now, I would be very thankful for you answering these questions! <3

Handy dandy question text in case you want to answer them like a list, and not in a free flowing comment:

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Here is a handy reference for what Arthur knows, and thinks, about the characters he meets. It is also going to function as an informal CR chart.


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February 2nd ✗ thread @ [community profile] outsiderslogs : Arthur arrives on Omega, running into some familiar faces and some unfamiliar but curious ones.

February 2nd ✗ thread @[community profile] outsiderslogs : Arthur meets Mordin Solus and immediately starts prying for information.

February 6th ✗ audio comment  @[community profile] outsiders : What is dextro-protein, Jack?

February 12th ✗ audio comment @[community profile] outsiders :  York, help me with locks.

March 21st ✗ log @[community profile] outsiderslogs : Marco :C

March 21st ✗ video/log @[community profile] outsiders : York is moving on up in the world.

April 3rd ✗ log @[community profile] outsiderslogs :   Arthur performing the Eclipse initiates kill on a Talon mercenary.

April 3rd ✗ log @[community profile] outsiderslogs : Marco asks for help becoming an Eclipse mercenary.

April 17th ✗ log @[community profile] outsiderslogs : Oh hello Marco and York.

April 18th ✗ log @[community profile] insiders : test drive meme thread w/ eames.
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Player Info
Name: Tai
OOC Journal: [personal profile] azkabanhuntress
Over 18? Yes.
Email/IM/Plurk: [ profile] cocksandtaiwan, otherwise hellotaifoot on AIM.
Current characters: None :V

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Player Information
Your Nickname: Tai
OOC Journal: [personal profile] azkabanhuntress
Under 18? Nope!
Email/IM: hellotaifoot @ AIM, and [ profile] cocksandtaiwan
Characters Played at Singularity: Clove ([personal profile] puncturing)

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