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thread tracking ([community profile] outsiders)

February 2nd ✗ thread @ [community profile] outsiderslogs : Arthur arrives on Omega, running into some familiar faces and some unfamiliar but curious ones.

February 2nd ✗ thread @[community profile] outsiderslogs : Arthur meets Mordin Solus and immediately starts prying for information.

February 6th ✗ audio comment  @[community profile] outsiders : What is dextro-protein, Jack?

February 12th ✗ audio comment @[community profile] outsiders :  York, help me with locks.

March 21st ✗ log @[community profile] outsiderslogs : Marco :C

March 21st ✗ video/log @[community profile] outsiders : York is moving on up in the world.

April 3rd ✗ log @[community profile] outsiderslogs :   Arthur performing the Eclipse initiates kill on a Talon mercenary.

April 3rd ✗ log @[community profile] outsiderslogs : Marco asks for help becoming an Eclipse mercenary.

April 17th ✗ log @[community profile] outsiderslogs : Oh hello Marco and York.

April 18th ✗ log @[community profile] insiders : test drive meme thread w/ eames.