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thread tracking ( [community profile] singularityrpg )

July 9th ✗ audio post @[community profile] singularityrpg : Arthur arrives on the station, and immediately casts a net for information. He meets several interesting characters.

July 11th ✗ commentlog @[community profile] singularityrpg : Arthur talks to Duo again about his warehouse idea,  and offers to help.

July 30th  ✗  audio post @[community profile] singularityrpg :  Christmas in July, Duo?

August 12th  ✗  audio + video post @[community profile] singularityrpg : Arthur has an unpleasant run in with some raptors. (Start of Jurassic Park event)

August 12th  ✗  audio comment @[community profile] singularityrpg : T-rexes at the warehouse.

August 16th  ✗  log @[community profile] singularitylogs : Time to shut that teleporter down. (Warning: gore and character death.)

August  20th  ✗  audio comment @[community profile] singularityrpg : Arthur talks to York after dying. 

August 24th  ✗  video comment @[community profile] singularityrpg : Jituss calls Arthur out on his snooping. It turns to drinks.

August 24th  ✗  audio comment @[community profile] singularityrpg : Arthur vaguely remembers (Ultra)Violet from before he died....

September 1st  ✗  log @[community profile] singularitylogs : Arthur and York having a (friendly?) drink.

September 15th  ✗  audio comment @[community profile] singularityrpg : I wanna go to Asphodel tooooo Commander!

September 22  ✗  log @[community profile] singularitylogs : Arthur's thread on the Asphodel meeting.

October 28th ✗ log @[community profile] singularitylogs : Assault Team Beta-1 thread.

November 1st ✗ audio comment @[community profile] singularityrpg : All hail our new (benevolent) overlord.

November 4th ✗ video @[community profile] singularityevents :  Arthur's transparently checking in on everyone and gets a rude surprise.

November 8th ✗ log @[community profile] singularityevents : Dammit Eames, keep your organs on the inside.

November 20th ✗ audio comment @[community profile] singularityrpg : Hi Wash.

December 4th ✗ @[community profile] singularityooc : Bro needs a minder.

December 16th ✗ audio comment @[community profile] singularityrpg : Arthur's pretty sure Marco is gone :c

December 18th ✗ audio post @[community profile] singularityrpg : Arthur fessing up the weather problems.

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